Sign Ordinance

The city’s sign ordinance addresses two concerns: general appearance and public safety. To ensure that your signs are in compliance with city standards, you are required to obtain a sign permit and a building permit whenever you install, move, or replace an outdoor sign.

Approval of Signage

The number and size of signs allowed often depend on your total building street frontage. You’ll need to find out about Ridgecrest sign requirements before you spend any money on signage. Please note too, that home businesses are not allowed to display business signs. All business signs must be approved by the Community and Economic Development Department, contact them for more information:
City of Ridgecrest Community and Economic Development Department
100 W California Avenue
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: 760-499-5072

Sign Requirements

Before you invest any money in signage, measure your building street frontage, then call the Community and Economic Development Department and ask for the requirements pertaining to the following:

  • Design and or restrictions
  • Maximum height of each sign
  • Number of signs permitted
  • Placement
  • Size of each sign
  • Total sign allotment


Pick up a sign permit application from the Community and Economic Development Department. The application will let you know what documentation to provide. Most applications require plans and specifications, color and material descriptions, approval of the building’s owner, etc.

Before you construct your sign, submit the completed application (with your fee) to the Community and Economic Development Department. Ask how long the approval process will take, what meeting(s) you may need to attend, and what other information is necessary for you to gain approval.

Building Permit

Once your permit is approved, find out from the Building Inspection Division if you need a building permit to install the sign. With those steps taken and the permit (if you need it) in place, you can construct, install, and call for inspection on your sign.