AB-481 Military Equipment Use Policy/Ordinance

AB 481, codified at California Government Code Section(s) 7070 through 7075, requires law enforcement agencies to “commence a governing body approval process,” for the adoption of a military equipment use policy by ordinance, in a public forum, in order to continue the use of previously acquired “military equipment.”  The bill also requires such approval (of the policy by ordinance), by the governing body in a public forum, before a law enforcement agency may fund, acquire, or use new “military equipment.”  Moreover, the bill requires further public review and approval actions by the governing body, annually, to continue the use of “military equipment,” and requires the City to host annual community meetings regarding the agency’s use of “military equipment” under the bill.   

 If you have any questions or concern regarding this policy/ordinance, please contact us HERE.   You are also welcome to join us at the Ridgecrest City Council Meeting on January 17, 2024.