Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division operates and maintains the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facility and City wide Collection System. The Division operates in accordance with health and safety laws and Lahontan Board Orders.

New Wastewater Plant

In 2008 the City decided to proceed forward with the construction of a new wastewater plan. In October of 2015 the City’s consultant Provost and Pritchard Consulting Group provided a draft of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan (PDF).

In April of 2017 the engineering firm of record Provost and Pritchard gave a presentation on the New Wastewater Treatment Facility Project (PDF) at a Council Meeting.

Current Contract for Sewer Services with the Navy

Since 1976 the Navy has been a contracted customer for sewer services provided by the City. Familiarize yourself with the Navy Contract for Sewage Services (PDF).

Location of Sewer Laterals

For sewer lateral locates please phone the building department at 760-499-5072.

Wastewater Pond
Wastewater Plant
Vactor Truck Crew Maintaining Wastewater Lines