Human Resources

The Human Resource Division not only helps to maintain the most important asset of the company - the employees - but it also helps in protecting employee rights.


The purpose of the Human Resources Division is to establish, develop, maintain, and communicate office policies throughout the entire company and to represent, help, advise, and consult with the employees, while simultaneously keeping the overall best interests of the company in mind.

Ultimately the purpose of having a Human Resource Division comes down to wanting a cordial and friendly atmosphere where employees can work side by side with their peers to create an effective business mechanism.


The Human Resource Division develops hiring plans and recruiting policies, handles compensation and salary administration. It also handles the following:

  • 457 deferred compensation
  • Benefits
  • CalPERS Retirement plans
  • Contracts
  • Employee official Personnel Records
  • Employee relations
  • Performance reviews
  • Separations

Written Materials

Human Resources develop official documentation, workplace ethics/code of conduct, employee handbooks, employee training programs, award/reward programs and community connections.