2022 Local Ballot Measure

City of Ridgecrest Local Services Measure (IDENTIFIER LETTER NOT YET ASSIGNED)

“To provide funding, that cannot be taken by the State, for maintaining services, such as fire services/keeping both fire stations open full-time; 911 response times; replacing Pinney pool; emergency medical response; pothole/ street repair; recreation programs for all; other city services; shall the City of Ridgecrest measure be adopted levying a 1¢ sales tax, ending in 9 years, providing $5,900,000 annually, requiring all funds stay local, independent citizens' oversight/annual audits.” 

On July 20th, the Ridgecrest City Council unanimously placed the City of Ridgecrest Local Services Measure on the November ballot to maintain local City services. After engaging over 1,000 residents through the Ridgecrest Community Conversation, residents prioritized local-funding needs for City services including public works and public safety services.

If enacted this measure will provide locally-controlled funding to address infrastructure and facility needs, such as parks, sports fields, and recreation centers is essential to maintaining our quality of life and providing quality youth programs which are essential to keeping kids away from gangs.

It is fiscally responsible to maintain our streets, roads, and potholes now, so they don’t deteriorate and become more costly to fix in the future. This measure will also prioritize funding for local neighborhood potholes and street repair.

The measure can also address resident-identified service priorities including keeping both Ridgecrest fire stations open full-time, replacing Pinney Pool, continuing to fix potholes on neighborhood streets and City street repair, maintaining 911 police and emergency medical response times, and maintaining recreation programs for all ages.

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