Measure L & V

Annual Reports from Measure V Committee

Local Funding Measure

Measure L is a general-purpose sales tax measure. If approved by voters, Measure L would provide a protected, locally-controlled source of revenue to help maintain community services including:

  • 911 Emergency Response Times
  • City Streets and Pothole Repair
  • Crime Prevention and Investigation
  • Police Officers and Neighborhood Police Patrols

Financial Accountability

Measure L includes fiscal accountability provisions including annual independent audits and a Citizens' Oversight Committee to review Measure L funds and related expenditure to ensure that spending is consistent with the community's priorities for Measure L. The Citizens' Oversight Committee will provide reports to the community. Measure L is legally-required to expire in 5 years unless extended by voters.

Measure V - Ridgecrest Public Safety/Essential City Services Measure

To help prevent additional cuts and maintain City of Ridgecrest services, including: city streets and pothole repair; police officers and neighborhood police patrols; 911 emergency response times; and crime prevention and investigation; and other city services, shall the City of Ridgecrest enact a ¾ cent sales tax, for five years, requiring a citizen's oversight committee, annual independent audits, with all funds for City of Ridgecrest services only, no funds for Sacramento?