Local Assistance

City of Ridgecrest Community & Economic Development Department

The Ridgecrest Community and Economic Development Department is responsible for developing programs and policies to support small businesses and to retain and recruit major employers. The staff can provide information about demographics, site location and permit assistance, and financial and technical resources.
100 W California Avenue
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: 760-499-5062

Weill Institute Small Business Development Center

The Weill Institute, located in the Ridgecrest Business Development Center, is an excellent first stop for anyone starting a small business. The center, which also helps existing small businesses, provides business counseling, publications, and education. The center can help with the development of a business plan, preparation of loan applications, market analysis, and more. The center provides client counseling services at no charge, as well as publications and workshops, which are either free or at low cost.

Contact the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce to set up an appointment:
128 B E California Avenue
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: 760-375-8331

Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a membership organization that works to create a positive business environment in Ridgecrest and in California. Many of the forms and applications needed by businesses are available at the Chamber office and Chamber members help each other to work out issues affecting the business community. We often co-sponsor workshops and business seminars, and we offer many opportunities to network and get to know other people in businesses.

Contact the Chamber:
128 B E California Avenue
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: 760-375-8331
Fax: 760-375-0365
Email the Chamber

State & County Online Resources

Several state and county agencies have websites designed to help people starting new businesses. Because information found on the web may be confusing or outdated, the best way to use online resources is as a pointer to more direct information. In some cases, you can download the forms you need.

Pertinent websites include the following:

  • California State Board of Equalization: This site includes information on taxes, laws, and regulations of direct interest to businesses. Because the level of detail given on the site makes many of the topics confusing for the average user, this is a good site to use mainly to locate further sources of information.
  • California Business Portal: This website of the California Secretary of State contains easily navigable links to help you start and file a business entity in the State of California. In addition, information is available on statutorily required filings, trademarks, service marks, types of business entities, and more.
  • California Permit Assistance: Online permit assistance is available, but unless you know the specific information you are looking for, phone calls to the various permitting agencies given above are likely to be more useful.
  • Kern County Business: Kern County's official site contains information on several aspects of doing business with the county.